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Community Garden Plan 2024

All residents wishing to participate in the community garden can request an equal share per household of the beds available - approx 42m Squared.

The membership will be renewed yearly in early Spring (the aim is for February), and re-distributed based on the total number of applicants.

While this is a membership facility, the area remains a community space open to all. No locks should be installed on the gates.

To respect surrounding residents, noise should be kept to a reasonable level, especially in the evening.
No private parties should be held in the garden.
Any events taking part in the garden should be advertised to all members of the garden, and all residents of Putney Vale.

An application form will be provided. (see below).
Distribution and allocation will begin after a reasonable amount of applications have been received with some limited space reserved for latecomers so they can have a go, and make proper application for a full-sized plot for the following year.
Membership will be advertised though email lists, noticeboards at Putney Vale, Social media and website.
The main method of communication with members is email contact.

Use is free but donations towards the garden gratefully received. Fundraisers may be held if a particular item is desired for the garden. All members are expected to help towards shared goals.

Space allocated by household and not per individual application to avoid monopoly.

All applicants to the garden will be responsible for maintaining the garden as a whole - keeping tidy, and for sourcing funding for the garden to pay for essential items such a soil top-ups, new equipment and future improvements. Such as, a yearly plant sale from excess seedings and plants, cut flowers etc.

Those who do not live estate covered by the PVRA Membership (Frensham Drive, Stroud Crescent, Stag House) are welcome to assist gardeners who are resident but do not qualify to apply for a space, nor can a space be acquired by a resident on a non-residents behalf. Nor do they have a vote/place on committee relating to garden matters.

The space allocated to each household is not determined until all applications have been collected by the deadline. I.e. the space available will be divided by the number of households wishing to take a plot.

Those with mobility disabilities will be given first preference on the height of raised bed suitable to their needs. Everybody else will be allocated by random selection.

Plots will be marked out and a location map displayed and provided to each applicant.

Seeds and plants to be purchased by garden members, they are not supplied by PVRA.

All who take a space in the garden can choose to work as individuals within the boundary of their allocated plot, or choose to garden as a group. There may be several groups, or several individuals.

Planting in the beds should be annual plants — flora or vegetable.

Any remaining plants left in the soil at start of the new gardening year shall be removed ready for the new holders of that plot.

Any perennials/shrubs/trees should be grown in individual tubs only and not in raised beds.
Intrusive plants should not be grown in raised beds -closed bottom tubs only)— eg many herbs, so the soil is protected and maintained for future years and future users. Intrusive produce and those which have large root systems which CANNOT  be grown in the raised beds include, but is not limited to - Potatoes, Rhubarb, mint, lemon balm, trees and berry canes (such as rasberries, blueberries) strawberries, 

 Poisonous and toxic plants are not allowed.

Respect must be given to other gardeners and their gardening work.

Supervision should be given to children at all times.

Those who have no garden space at home are given priority in the greenhouse to set seeds.

Plants placed in the greenhouse should not be moved to a different shelf by others.

Heaters in the greenhouse which involve a flame of any kind are not allowed.

There is a limited amount of tools available to borrow, please bring your own trowels if possible. Items left in the garden are not the responsibility of PVRA.
There may be some pots available  to set seeds but it is not guaranteed, please provide your own if you need something specific.

PVRA is not responsible for accident or injury or loss of property occurring in the community garden boundary.

The immediate area around an allotted plot must be well kept - I.e. weeds under control and free from clutter, and is the responsibility of the plot-holder.

Failure to do so, after polite remainders may result in suspension. 

Plots must be kept tidy and weed free so that the next years gardener can enjoy them.
At the end of the gardening season, plots must be emptied ready for the next user.

Trust is given to take turns filling the water butts during dry weather using the long hose.
Please use common sense and water your planted bed with the hose before or after using the hose so the water butt remains available for those unable to access the tap/hose due to mobility restrictions.
It may be the case that a rota is drawn up during mid-summer. 

Tap water is paid for and maintained by the trustees of Newlands Hall, and is given free to the community garden in exchange for keeping the patio area tidy and weed free.

Mistakes happen, but repeated and purposeful damage to others plots is not tolerated and will result in suspension.

The compost bins can be used by all garden members to deposit garden waste from the community garden area. Garden waste must not be deposited from private gardens.

Food waste is allowed but only raw, and only from community garden members kitchens.

When the garden waste is fully composted (approx. 2 years) this will be used to fill top up the raised beds.

The garden will be maintained through grant applications, fundraisers, and member donations - funds to be used for repairs to assets - shed, greenhouse, soil top-up, basic equipment.

Additional items may be added as the need presents itself. 

Drag and drop the image to download and print the form. Hand to a PVRA committee member or post in the box at Newlands Hall or email a completed form to 
(Alternatively, find the contact form at the bottom of the page)

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